My schooling Golden Memories..!

My School

I pursuied my Schooling from St.Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Venkatakulam, Pudukkottai - 622303. Which chruch is made me this stage. One of the best school in the pudukottai District.

my school, st josephs higher secondary school

School History

My school was established in the year 1981, by a little convent school. Then it becomes a very higher position with pleasure environment to study on that past years.In 1986 My school got approved by Govt of Tamil Nadu as a Higher Secondary School. Till now it had been a very good environment to study as well as to improve students Extra Curricular Activities.....!


My school is located in beautiful green village venkatakulam just 19 K.Ms from pudukkottai city. Our green village proud of having our school as a education feeding mother for the surrounded villages. more than 1500 students are passing out every year with higher percentage to higher studies. Our school student are studying in all fields, In medicine, In Technical field ( Engineering, Technologist), In Social field, In Bussiness field, In Agriculture field..etc...